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2019-03-01 04:57:17

Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting: Alter Oracle Users. The first time someone connects as that user, they must change the user' s password.

alter user username account unlock ; 参考: ora. A user account can be locked by an expiration of a password and can be unlocked with a command.

To change the authentication or database resource characteristics of a database user. To permit a proxy server to connect as a client without authentication.

You use the alter user command for these tasks. Alter user to lock or unlock the account.

SQL> create user oracle_ admin identified by oracle_ admin; User created. ' Oracle comes with a few default accounts that should never be locked or dropped.

Oracle Concepts - Oracle alter user syntax. Note: If you unlock an account but do not reset the password, then the password remains expired.

Use the ALTER USER statement:. 1) while installing Oracle 10g home by using password management I unlocked sysyem account.

then by using this query " alter user system account lock" I locked it. To unlock the [ username] ( without brackets) account, enter the following command: alter user [ username] account unlock; Rerun step 2 to verify success.

If you create users, you need to be able to do things like change their password, and change various attributes for the user. Alter user account unlock.

Alter user account unlock. when I tried to unlock it gain with the same query " lter user system account unlock", it is not unlocking.

Hope this will help you If someone' s response is helpful or correct, please mark it accordingly. Alter user account unlock.

How to Unlock the Account in Oracle. it is showing " Not Connected".

Find which accounts are locked with the following query. ALTER USER myuser ACCOUNT UNLOCK;.

And also it is showing " ora- 01031. Check what is locked and what is not locked with the following command: select username, account_ status from dba_ users; Note: Remember to add the semicolon or the command will not execute.

SQL> SQL> grant create session, dba to oracle_ admin; Grant succeeded. ALTER USER user_ name IDENTIFIED BY password ACCOUNT UNLOCK; here password is your passord which you want to use for your account remember this password for further use.

alter user username account lock; To unlock the user, simply replace ' lock' with ' unlock. alter user によるデータベースユーザの基本情報の変更: パスワードの変更、 ユーザーのアカウントロックと解除、 デフォルトテーブルスペース、 テンポラリスペースの変更、 使用用容量の制限値、 プロファイルの変更.